The One-Stop Digital Transcription Service

Tips for Dictation

  • Make sure that microphones are well placed to pick up all speakers clearly.

  • Record in a quiet environment with as little background noise as possible. Transcribing a meeting conducted in a restaurant with background music and crockery clattering as the meal is served is not easy!!

  • Start recording a few seconds before you speak to ensure the first words are not cut off.

  • For interviews, focus groups, conferences etc, where there is more than one person in attendance, try to ensure that they speak individually. When one person speaks over another, we can only transcribe the clearest voice.

  • If identification of speakers is required in transcription, it is a good idea to have them say their name each time they speak. It is not always possible to identify a person by the sound of their voice - unless they have a distinct accent - or a distinctive way of speaking.

Remember: Good, clear recordings = less time to transcribe = less cost!

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