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[How Does it Work?]

Digital dictation/transcription is growing more and more popular. We currently work more with digital recordings (DSS/WAV/MP3) than with tape recordings.

Digital dictation is the perfect solution for anyone who travels around. No matter what your location, we can transcribe your files just as easily as if you were in the local area!


We work well with overseas clients (English dictation only), taking advantage of time zone difference that can be a barrier to business in many instances.

Where the time difference is long, we are the ideal outsource transcription partner! If you email us your digital files at the end of your working day, we can transcribe the files and have them back on your desk for start of business the next day. No waiting time, and no out of hours costs incurred! An ideal way to get those urgent reports, minutes, etc, dealt with to meet critical deadlines.


Digital dictation can be achieved in two ways:
  1. You can record directly into your computer/laptop via its microphone into a digital dictation programme.

  2. You can record into a digital hand held recorder and then download the file to your computer/laptop.
Whichever way you choose you end up with a digital voice file on the computer ready for transcription.

You then send the digital voice file to us as an email attachment. We download the file, transcribe it and email you the finished document.

(A direct modem link can be arranged for the transfer of large files not suitable for emailing!)

It's that simple!! No mail or courier charges, no tapes to get lost! Not only do I have your dictation to transcribe, but you still have a copy on your computer for reference!

As a general guide it takes around four hours to transcribe a one-hour tape (based upon one person speaking at a time) but this can vary widely depending on recording quality, accents, speed of speech, background noise, etc. See our
Tips for Dictation page for a guide to better recordings.

Remember: Good, clear recordings = less time to transcribe = less cost!

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